How to Build an Email List (Fun and Easy Tips to Get a Bigger List Now!)

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So, you want to build an email list? That is such a great and powerful idea! It is one of the best and easiest ways to grow and monetize your online audience. Not only is it easier to do than you think, but it is also wonderful to have your audience to talk to in just a few quick moments.

Your email list is one of the ONLY forms of marketing that you own forever and can take with you through your career. So, let’s talk about the 7 simple tricks to build your list!

How to build an email list (easy tips)

Tip #1 Think about who your list is for.

It’s always good to set up the heart of your intention for your emails. You need to think about who is reading them and what pain points they are dealing with. Always go back to your “brand avatar” and write for them. If you do not know who your brand avatar is, we have a free worksheet to help you figure that out!

Tip #2 Choose an email list client

We like Mailchimp because it is free up to 2,000 subs! It is also very easy to use and design emails. If you have more subscribers and want more “personal” looking emails, we love ConvertKit. They have powerful tools and features that will help you send automated emails each day!

Tip #3 Give them a reason to sign up.

What can you offer them that feels SO valuable, they would pay for it if it weren’t free? Examples are, free music downloads, a PDF, or a helpful workshop.

Tip #4 Create an opt-in page

One of the easiest things to do is to collect emails using an opt-in page with a simple design. There are tools and templates baked right into Weeknight Website to help you do this! Keep in mind that your “copy” is very important! A great headline can make or break your number of subscribers. If you need help choosing great keywords for your pages to help them be SEO friendly and be found on Google, see our keyword research blog from a couple of weeks back.


Pro tip: Have an image of your “freemium” and show it off as something tangible to your subscribers. They love seeing a tangible product!

Tip #6 Create a welcome sequence: remind them what they get on your list.

A Welcome sequence is a scheduled and automated way of keeping your list “warm” to you. They need a reminder of who you are and why they should listen to you.


Pro Tip: Make the subscribe form redirect to your freemium as the success page! This will help you build value and expertise BEFORE they even hit the inbox and see you there.

Tip #6 Schedule a time when you will regularly engage with your list.

We send emails weekly on Tuesday’s and we try really hard not to deviate from that. It takes a bit of focus and planning upfront but after you get the hang of it, you will find it comes much more naturally. Think of simple things you can ask or share with your friends. Think of it as emailing your real friends and it will be easier!

Tip #7 Never stop growing it!

Think of new ways you can point traffic to your list.

New growth ideas:

  • Create contests and challenges
  • Create “modal pop up”
  • Guest posting
  • Bring your iPad to events for emails – we have done this for contests 🙂
  • Ask people to join your list! Make sure that you point people to your content over and over!!!

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What tips are you using to ROCK your email list?

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